Embrace the Cloud

Everyone's hearing about the cloud these days, but what is the cloud? There are several definitions, and not all of them are even compatible. When we are talking about the cloud, we're referring to building comprehensive web applications that support cloud computing technologies such as containers.

The level of cloudiness is up to you. We can build standalone web applications that work on a standard Linux or Windows server operating system; we can build fully compartmentalized containers to be deployed on an existing server or cloud platform; or we could build a complete private cloud environment that runs from your own data centres, using a multitude of available technologies.

Web Application Development

Does your business or organisation use the world wide web as a platform?

Luminaryn Enterprises believes that web applications are an essential tool for businesses, organisations and even personal use.

To that end we offer custom web application development services, leveraging a full set of modern technologies to design the perfect application for your requirements.

Think outside the Web

When many people think of the web, they think of public web sites. And yes, we build those, including extensive public web applications used every day!

That said, there is a whole world of uses for web technology outside the typical web site approach. Private web applications.

Imagine having your customer database available securely from any web browser, including your smart phone! We can do that. Backend services tied into desktop applications, using standardized web-based APIs? We can do that. The web is no longer just for web sites, it's become a multi-purpose platform that can greatly enhance your organisation. Are you leveraging it to its fullest?

Fitting the technology to the task

Some programming languages, library sets and frameworks are better suited to certain tasks than others. At Luminaryn we're not tied down to any particular combination therein, instead choosing to find the perfect solution for each need: on a case by case basis.

We've designed backend services using PHP, Javascript, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, and many more!

For the front-end side, we embrace web standards, and use HTML 5, ES2015+, CSS 3, and other modern web technologies when building applications.

Endless Mobility

In addition to the traditional Web Apps, we've also started offering fairly basic Mobile Apps as well. At the current time (December 2020), we've mostly worked on simple Android apps that communicate with backend web services using asynchronous communication. We're working on adding iOS to our portfolio next.

Infrastucture as a Service

Don't want the overhead of having your own physical servers? Or maybe you want geo-graphically load balanced applications that use appropriate cloud servers based on the connecting users' location? Well, we can help with that. Luminaryn can provide cloud services through Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or another provider of your choice. We can manage everything for you, or help you get things set up so you can manage them yourself. Everything is done on a client-by-client basis.

Finding the Right Solution

Sometimes there are things that one person can't do. Knowing what your strengths are, and when to ask for help, is the key to success. We are focused on the software development and cloud services management side of things, and not necessarily on the design side of things.

That's where our contacts come in handy. If you need graphics design, or a full brand re-imagining, we can help you find the right partner to provide you with what you need!